Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nifty Chart

                                   Swing 8489-8269 exactly lower top at (78.6%) 8442 with
                                   projected final TGT 7915, [actual low 7940] and reached
                                  final tgt 261.8%  almost with bull GAP.
                                   Because of Weekly Trend line support at 8000-7990
                                   and swing 9119-8269's 138.2% at 7944,Nifty exactly bounced
                                   from 7940.

                                   So Small hurdles at this 161.8% and 138.2%  of swing
                                   will be for consolidation to reach min tgt 8270
                                   [previous swing low]

                                   Closed above 8270, then Short covering up to 8593+

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