Monday, August 31, 2015

Gujarat Gas Company

Delisting of Companies.

SUB. :- Delisting of Companies.
This is in continuation of Notice No. 20150827-30 dated August 27, 2015 informing therein 
regarding the delisting of companies.
Please note that the company Gujarat Gas Company Ltd (Scrip code 523477;623477) 
would not be delisted with effect from  September 2, 2015 (DR-109/2015-2016).
The delisting date, for the aforesaid company scrips, shall be informed in due course vide a 
separate notice.
All other contents of the  Notice No. 20150827-30 dated August 27, 2015  remain unchanged
Trading Members are requested to take note of the above.
Marian Dsouza
Associate Manager – Listing Operations (DCS)
 August 31, 2015

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