Monday, January 18, 2016

Nifty Chart

First inner SWING 8654-8321 - 161.8% break on  24th AUG-2015 , with low 7769.4.

Directly swing finished in two days and reached 261.8% tgt without TRADING
with huge gap down

Always completed swig will bounce back to last leg of the swing 0% to complete
cycle, completed on 26th OCT-2015 with H-8336.

ie.Swings Lower Point formed, check this chart EXACTLY 61.8% of
the swing 8654-7769
THAT implied that it will break previous low 7769
done on 8th DEC-2015 and reached ,minimum 138.2% of 161.8%

3rd Leg of the second Swing will halt at 138.2% or 161.8% to bounce
(Halted at 138.2% for the past 3 days)

INNER SWINGS completed,Now Go to Life time swing

Life time high 9119-8669 swing formed lower Top at 61.8% (8794)
implied minimum tgt 138.2% [7944]

Exactly Bounced from 138.2% to 38.2% [8593] 
implied break 138.2% with minimum TGT 161.8% 7743 reached from 38.2%(8593)

As per Dow theory LOWER TOP formed
implied it will retest last leg of the swing 0%
reached 8269 [26th Oct 2015]

Now see the second and last chart
clearly and visibly said  7222-7156 good support to bounce.
upto 8250+

wait and watch.

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